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Our motto is simply “We Make IT Better.” We all use technology differently and for different purposes.

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Tech Support Services of Georgia About

We take a very individualized approach to support services.

We take the time to understand your needs or the needs of your business before all else.

We work on the best way to solve any issues you may have in a way that fits you best.

At Tech Support of Georgia, we understand the frustrations of dealing with technology that’s not working as it should.

We all use technology differently and for different purposes. We know at times, it feels like your computers or network are working against you making your day even harder. At Tech Support of Georgia, our motto is simply, “We Make IT Better.”

Luis Cotto

Luis Cotto


Luis worked with Google in the past to help deploy, test, and grow what is today Google Classroom. This platform is now used by thousands of schools across the country with their online learning and 1:1 device programs. He wanted to make sure Tech Support of Georgia was comprised of members with expertise in network design and implementation, project management, server administration, and who are residential or commercial tech support specialists.

We strive for a diverse set of skills on our staff, so we also have members with strong backgrounds in construction, multimedia, audiovisual, home automation and so much more. We built our team, not just full of technical specialists but with real world hands-on people who have a wide range of skills we can offer to our clients. This is how we can find ways to solve your technical issues with creativity, ingenuity , and individuality.


Dawn B. - Residential

“Tech Support of Georgia set up a new wireless system at our home. I needed to work remotely and I could not stand the speeds we would get around the house. I could not not move from our first floor downstairs without a horrible signal. Tech Support of Georgia came up with a very clever solution to extend our wifi without making any holes running cables. They were extremely clean and well mannered when the installation day came. I now get great service everywhere in the house. We even have them come back out and extend the WiFi so we could be outside and get coverage. I did not think it could be done without making this into a major project. This company is fantastic!”

Shannon G. - Backwoods Bow Strings

“You can’t find a better and more honest group than Tech Support of Georgia. I am a simple business owner who runs an Archery Shop in Georgia. I am good at what I do, but boy when it comes to computers forget it. One day I was just returning from some tech place who tried to get my computer working for me, which they couldn’t. One of my staff members was helping a client with his bow as I expressed a bit of my frustration. Well that client overheard me and it turned out to be the owner of Tech Support of Georgia. He told me he would fix me right up and he sure did. Since then we now have our Google reviews account managed by them, we have had cables run, our cash register and printers put in, and plenty more. Trust me I have wasted a lot of time hunting around for good tech support, just stop. Call these guys, you won’t be disappointed.”

Mike M. - Animal Medical Center of Cumming

I had no idea how much of a drastic improvement we could make to our operations until  we worked with Tech Support of Georgia. We created a plan to overhaul our network, our wifi and computers. They worked to help us understand what was being changed, why and the benefits. In our 30+ years in business our staff truly has never been more efficient. We used to think an upgrade was not going to be a big change. In some ways we thought it would be a waste of money since our setup did get the job done. We were very wrong, we could not be any more happy. These guys truly are pros, they remain down to earth and understand we all don’t speak tech. Another big point I have to touch on is how neat they are. They really did treat my business as if it was their own office. At the end of the project it was hard to believe my eyes at the transformation. Everything was clean and tidy. All the cables were wrapped and everything was labeled. Now we are addicted to finding even more ways to improve our technology so we can continue to grow and provide faster and better service. Lastly but very importantly the chronic “ugh these computers are so slow, I can’t work like this” from the staff is now a thing of the past.”

Mark G. - S & M Building Management

“We have been working with Luis, the owner of Tech Support of Georgia for years. We started with them when we were a very small business, we have grown alongside them over the years. Simply put and to the point, they are the best. We are never disappointed with the level of service provided to use. This company takes pride in the work they do and are truly dedicated to providing a standard of care that cannot be beat. We now have offices and different businesses in IL, GA, WI, IN, and NC. We have tried using other companies for our out of state locations in the past, but we have been spoiled and can’t find a better fit for us. We use Tech Support of Georgia remotely at all of our locations now. We have completed many projects with this team. We had multiple networks designed and built, POE phones, server, printers, camera systems, and more. I would have no hesitation working with Tech Support of Georgia again and again.”

Lauren C. - Residential

“At times my husband and I both work from home and one of us would be in the office and the other on a laptop. We have one printer connected to the office computer that we thought we could not both print to without having to email files to each other. We called Tech Support of Georgia to install a new printer, but they ended up saving us the cost of a new printer and managed to share our old printer so we could both print to it. We eventually called them back when we wanted to improve our home wireless, and then once more when we decided to set up a second home office. They are super neat and did an amazing job with all the cables, way better than what we were thinking about doing ourselves :)”

Matt M. - Residential

These Guys are freaking wizards, I can’t even express how happy I am with the service. I called around everywhere looking for a company who would help me automate a few things with my house. Everyone I called wanted to sell me some kind of alarm and a service contract. Tech support of Georgia managed to get everything I wanted done without a contract, no crazy alarm system and no fluff. With kids running arounds I wanted my lights to turn off after being on for a while. I wanted to be notified when doors and windows are left open. I also want to open my door locks with a pin and from my phone. They did all of this and also managed to make it all work with the “Hey Google” command. Wizards! I’m telling you.”