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Managed Services

What is an msp?

An MSP is a company that takes care of all the technology needs for other companies, but they do it from their own office, not on-site.  Think of an MSP as a behind-the-scenes tech wizard for your business.

Benefits of an MSP?

Remote Support

No more puting an IT guy on Salary, we can handle all your tech right from our office!


Having an IT member can be costly. We offer an affordable monthly membership that is sure to fit your budget.


Our solutions are designed to not only help your business grow, but to evolve with it.

Enhanced Security

The most modern enterprise level software with continuous monitoring for all your devices!

Secure Data

All of your data will be backed up on our cloud servers in the event of a security breach or just an accident, minimizing your down time.

IT Support for your Business

It’s no secret owning a business today means that technology plays a big part in daily operations. For businesses that do not have on-site tech support, someone typically takes on a dual role as the makeshift tech support person.

Unfortunately, that means taking valuable time away from daily operations. We understand sometimes it is a necessary evil, and you’re working with what you have. The good news is we are here to help and we guarantee to find a way to relieve the stress of technical downtime.

MSP Entrepreneur Growth Program

Computer Support for Home 14

Managed IT (Paid Monthly)

Simply submit a support request online or by phone and our team will do the rest.

Commercial Tech Support for Business


Submit a support request online or by phone, receive a quote, and once approved our team will do the rest.

“Tech Support of Georgia will have a solution that fits your business needs.”

Tech Support Services of Georgia About

Tech Support of Georgia Offers Specialized Solutions

We understand the needs of companies are totally different. Some of our clients prefer to have a managed service solution, while others prefer to call in and go with an a la carte approach. We are here to work with you and figure out what fits your company’s needs best.

We offer a wide range of IT services to be able to support your business needs. Below we have listed just a few options we give our commercial clients.

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Mike M. Animal Medical Center of Cumming

"We have tried using other companies for our out of state locations in the past, but we have been spoiled and can't find a better fit for us..."

Mark G. – S & M Building Management

"You can’t find a better and more honest group than Tech Support of Georgia..."

Shannon G. – Backwoods Bow Strings